Monday, 2 February 2015

YouTube: SNSD Tiffany's "By Myself" (with English Lyrics)

Hello! Just realized that it's been a while since I did my last song cover~ Once my throat feels better, I'd be posting more song covers of awesome sound quality because... 4 of my dearest friends actually chipped in to get the Audio Technica AT2020+ USB Microphone for me as my birthday gift!! *AWW* It has been a wish of mine for many years to own a proper microphone which, thanks to my loves, my dream finally came true and I'm really thankful! :)) Saying goodbye to earpiece mic quality covers..! Can't wait :D

Meanwhile, here's my latest song cover, which is also my very first attempt to cover a korean song -- SNSD Tiffany's "By Myself" :) Hope you'll like it!

Producer & Engineering: Henry Chang
Music by SM Entertainment

My YouTube username: Shiiirleygoh
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