Thursday, 5 February 2015

Hello February :)

Hello everyone, Hello February! Before I start off, I just want to say... I'm soo in love with this "cover photo" for this post!! Omg it's just so pretty and pleasing to the eyes, isn't it?? I'm craving for some macarons already! :p Photo credits to this link, do check it out as they have a lot more "Hello February" themed pictures that all look amazinggg! :) Well, I hope everyone had a great January! 

The start of the month was pretty bumpy (emotionally) for me, but I'm glad that things slowly fell into place the way it should be. It's always hard to break a bad habit -- that constant struggle between your brain and heart, which obviously, are moving in completely opposite directions. It's like... you know it's unhealthy, you know clearly that it's not right; yet you just can't stop it. But trust me, once you're able to finally break free from it, nothing else feels better than having that weight being taken off your shoulders or rather, your heart. Of course, it's not going to be an *snaps fingers* overnight thing, but you'll definitely get through it. Why? Because you've made the right decision for yourself. Because you deserve to be treated right. Because what's most important is you deserve so so much more than that. #thingsItellmyself
With that said, overall my January was still pretty good and I'm definitely looking forward to a fabulous February :) Furthermore, Chinese New Year is coming!! Oh yah, I recently put on some brown and shimmery gold eyeshadow makeup using my Naked Palette 1 and I'm absolutely in love with the colors!! So most likely, I'll be wearing that look for the coming cny hehe :D Will take a picture soon and post it on my Instagram (@shiiirleygoh)

I'm currently editing my January Favourites video, which should be up by next Monday! Subscribe to my YouTube channel (username: shiiirleygoh) if you would like to keep up-to-date with my weekly uploads! I'm still working to improve on my channel content, so it'd be really nice to have your support :) Hmm~ I'm actually planning to sing Jay Chou's "算什么男人" for my first song cover using my new microphone! So stay tuned! 

With love,

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