Thursday, 12 February 2015

Restaurant-hop: Blisshouse // Valentine's Day

As we all know, Valentine's Day is just around the corner~ To me, this day has always been considered as a Friendship Day haha. Seriously I can't even remember when was the last time I celebrated V'Day with a guy #justsaying hahaha *coughs* So if you're single and feeling "lonely" because you've no date, you're not alone BUT you really shouldn't feel that way too! Maybe few years back I might have joke about "how sad" it is? Come on, watching all the couples holding hands and roaming around literally everywhere, it's a lie if I say that I don't feel anything lol. But as years go by, it really isn't a big deal anymore.

Let's be real here -- I wouldn't consider myself being loved any lesser than the couples out there. The only difference is that the love I'm receiving is not from any guy but my closest friends! I can still recall the different kinds of roses (including my first Champagne Rose which was soo pretty!) and chocolates given by my colleagues last year, which already made me feel very loved and thankful :) It's definitely something nice to receive flowers or chocolates on this day (oh-so-cliche hahaha) but even if you don't, IT'S OKAY!!! :D

Oh by the way, I'm pretty excited as I'd be going cycling with my close friends this coming V'Day! So to all the single peeps out there, just go out and have some fun! Afterall, it's a Saturday! If not, a stay home Saturday night movie sounds perfect too ;) Back to the main focus of this post, I would like to share my first dining experience at Blisshouse @ Clarke Quay The Central (#03-21). The ambience of Blisshouse fits the valentine theme perfectly -- pretty and romantic. Unfortunately, it's a pity that their food cannot make it :( The portion is just not worth the price, and fried calamari served cold..? :/ Luckily, there's still hope!! With the super pretty garden theme and ambience, it is a really nice place to unwind and have some wine or drinks!! You can't go wrong with the standard drinks like cider, beer, wine etc... But food... I'll give it a miss the next round
Up till this point, you can pretty much see where I'm coming from right?? The garden theme is really very pretty!! And it's indeed one of the most spacious restaurants that I've ever been to!
Apart from my dear Aud, this would be the second best thing I love that night haha~ My favourite apple cider! Hehe cheeers! 
I don't usually like to complain but the portion of this risotto is simply way too little for that price (I can't remember, maybe around $17?) :/
I would like to (buay paiseh aka shamelessly lol) say that my photo-taking skill gave a lot more credits to this plate of calamaris than it should deserve haha. Fyi: I wouldn't order this again.
Thank you for the birthday treat love! And I'm so happy for your present work achievements! :D May you find your 如意郎君 soon and... I love you!! <3 

With love,

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