Wednesday, 31 December 2014

I thought my 2014 was bad; I was so wrong.

Hello! Honestly, I don't really know how to start off this post. I think my mind just went blank for a few seconds before my fingers started moving, or rather, typing lol. This year was pretty... fine? Lol ok obviously I can't sum it up in one word. I guess I'll just run through the months (in my mind) as I go along.
The early part of 2014 was basically, rough. It's been a few months since I stopped myself from dwelling on what happened. But since this is a year-end reflection, I decided that I should and will face it with an open heart. Oh god, just the thought of it now makes me speechless. Clearly, it was a big mistake that ended on a bad note. I'm just thankful that my heart survived through all these shit. Frankly speaking, I believe we both did put in effort to "make things work"... which unfortunately just didn't work out. Especially when I realized that I felt even more lonely when I was with him, which clearly was a warning sign that something isn't right. Yes, we all know that love isn't easy but it shouldn't be that hard as well. So accepting that it is just not meant to be, we both mutually agreed to move on for the better. I moved on pretty well, things were all fine... until I accidentally found out a couple days later that he's been stepping onto another boat, for monthsss. To him, it was probably an either-me-or-her situation. But what hurts the most is knowing that while we were still dating, she actually gave him everything (yes you read it right). I guess that was the moment I truly felt all the shattered pieces of my heart. So f*ing messed up but I'm glad it's all over. I just want to really thank my friends who were there supporting and lifting me up when I was at my lowest. It would not have been possible without you guys, so thank you :)

In May, thanks to Audrey, we had a 1 night stay at St Regis that came very timely (as it was after all that mess). Definitely the perfect "getaway" I needed :) Thank you <3
Then in June, my brother and I arranged for a family staycation at the gorgeous W Hotel @ Sentosa Cove! OMG now as I'm looking through that album, all the photos are sooo niceee that I think I'm gonna do a post on this staycation soon!! Just for memory sake ;)
Looking at my July calendar, I could say I broke a mini personal record in the number of cafes/restaurants that I've visited? Which also means a lot of money spent lol :x But what I loved most is that one fine day of chilling by the beach with my family, where we also managed to watch a beautiful sunset at Sentosa. Nature at its best :)
Now let me walk you through the BEST MONTH EVER - AUGUST <3
My brother & I headed to Taiwan for a 10 days trip :D
We woke up to an amazing view at Cingjing.
I fulfilled my checklist of cycling by the bay at Hualien.
Then I woke up at 4am plus for...
...this :)
I walked through caves & mountains which if I have the choice to choose, I probably won't do it again hahaha. (it's just not for me!)
I finally reunited with my Sec 2 Taiwan friend, Ena! Was so thankful to be able to stay at her place for the last few days at Taipei! <3
I'm not a fan of avocado but it was this trip that made me fell in love with Avocado juice <3 I was literally craving for it so badly when I came back to Singapore! Lucky I managed to find Singapore's best avocado juice at Alexander Village Foodcentre - Mr. Avocado! 
I found my way back to love again; for myself & the people I love most :)
And that marks the end of my amazinggg Taiwan trip :)))
Before the year ended, my best friend got married :D
With a plan in mind to make more instrumental song covers, I self-taught (just had to emphasize that hahaha! :P) and finally learned how to play the ukelele! So happy that I managed to record my first Ukelele cover on "Last Christmas"! (You can click on the link if you haven't watch it hehe) Mini achievement unlocked! :D
And as the years go by, I realized how much I've toned down; from those past "havoc Christmas" to one which I feel contented enough just to be able to spend it with my family over pizza and grape juice :)

Honestly, before I started this post, I REALLY thought that I didn't achieve much this year :/ And omg I'm glad that I didn't end the year thinking that way!! Because you know sometimes, we may unknowingly get too caught up in a whirlwind of negativity and thus, fail to see the good that we've done or achieved! Life will always be a rollercoaster journey, there's just no running away from it. And that's the reason why it's important to do reflections time to time -- not just to see if we've achieved our goals, but also to remind ourselves to always be embracing the good and bad times, or simply, embracing life as it is. With that, I'm thankful for 2014 and looking forward to achieve much much more in 2015!! Cheers!!

With lotsa love,

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