Saturday, 27 December 2014

Let me take you to Christmas Wonderland ♡

Hello~! Hope everyone had a great Christmas, because I sure did! Nothing too fancy this year, just a simple celebration with my family which was more than enough :) Will do up another post on it but today I just want to share my experience last week at Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens By The Bay! I'm sure a lot of people had heard about it and also went down to soak themselves in the festive spirit! It was officially my "second but considered first time" exploring Gardens~ (well, simply because it was pretty late already the very first time when I was brought there and to be honest, the gardens wasn't the main focus of that night lol) So anyways yep, I'm so glad I went this time round especially with the Christmas Wonderland theme that makes the whole place sooo much prettier and merrier :D Also, many thanks to Love 97.2FM for letting me win a gift hamper which I also collected that day. I really love the teacup sets and some other Christmassy stuffs that was included in it, which I will blog about it soon! For now, let me take you to the pretty Christmas Wonderland (if you didn't manage to go this year)! Enjoy the photos :)
Taken at Citylink while on the way to Marina Square; mum is too cute hahaha
This shot makes me feel so proud of my camera lol! Good job baby!
While waiting to collect the gift hamper~
The legendary Supertree Grove~
I really love how this patio gives off that magical vibe, almost like some kinda princess carriage~ you know what I mean?? Hahaha this is the "stage" where christmas carols were sung by some choir groups :)
This is the area where they say we can experience snowflakes! How awesome right?? But I have to be very honest (and sad) to say, the mud was the biggest problem!! I was so excited to experience the "snow" until I realized we have to step inside an area filled with mud?? Obviously I couldn't because of my shoes.. so I could only stand outside and take photos lol.
Nonetheless, it was a magnificent view!
As we had $20 voucher from the gift hamper as well, we bought the Turkey Chicken Shawarma Kebab (with Christmas Special Pineapple Sauce) and 2 Cheesy Fries! Both were not too bad! 

Are you ready for the highlight of the night?? :D

It's the "GARDEN RHAPSODY" (Christmas Edition)!! I was so hyped up with the Christmas tunes and completely mesmerized as the gardens came to life during this music and light show! 
Love this (accidental) beautiful bokeh shot! 
Perhaps the closest I could possibly get to reach the stars in the nightsky;
And more bokeh shots!! It all started with one accidental shot when my camera went out of focus... and I too, accidentally fell in love with how they make the nightsky even more beautiful (awww~) Anyways, it's just simply a try and error technique that you can explore too! ;)

Fyi: All shots taken with my Samsung Ex2F! 

With ♡,

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