Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Potluck Party!!

Helloo! So as a promise (to myself) to start uploading more videos on my Youtube channel, I actually did a video on "12 Quick & Easy Holiday Potluck Ideas" for people who are thinking of having potluck/picnic to celebrate this festive season! To be very honest, although I've been making song covers on Youtube, I never really had the courage to speak infront of the camera which I then realized, is a VERY DIFFERENT experience compared to singing (like duhhh hahaha!) But overall, it was pretty fun as I'm also trying to widen my range of videos~ So please don't be too harsh on me, I'm still improving! ;)

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December is definitely the month to feast and indulge without feeling too guilty because it's...December!! Lol. With the upcoming Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year Eve to welcome 2015; with it being the last month of holidays for students, and also the month which working adults are excitedly waiting for their bonuses etc, it's no doubt the month to celebrate!!

So last weekend, I had a really good time catching up with my poly clique (and their plus ones) over at Shux's new place. Omg their new house literally blew me away!! T_T It's soo gorgeous especially that patio -- perfect for an afternoon tea! Decked in blue and white for this Christmas, here are the photos! :D
Natural sunlight gives the best lighting! ;)
8ight #sincepoly
8ight and their plus ones haha
What a spread right?? :D
And it's time for Secret Santa!!
Look at my smile hahaha. You have no idea how happy I was when I found that my Secret Santa is none other than Audrey!! Hahaha thanksss 
And she fulfilled my wishlist of having a pretty table lamp for my white table!!! 
OMG I love it sooo much because it's really really pretty!! I've been trying to find a nice table lamp in Singapore but sadly I just couldn't find one. And guess what, this came all the way from Bangkok! Zee best! :D
Testing out the fisheye lens (from one of the gifts) that can be attached to your phone when you take photos! 

As I mentioned in my last post, I'd be blogging more often and in fact, I do have quite a few exciting things to share with you guys!! So most likely you will see a new post every Tue and Sat? Haha well it's also a reminder for me to stop procrastinating haha. Have a great weekend yes!

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