Monday, 12 January 2015

Let The Bass Kick - Jabra Move Wireless Headphones ;)

Hihi! Today's post is specially dedicated to Nylon Singapore who gave me the BEST PRESENT just last Christmas! :D If you do follow NylonSg on their Facebook, you'd know how hard it is to actually win stuffs from their contests because of the super active participation from the followers (including me hehe)! So when I received a Facebook notification from them saying that I've won a set of Jabra Move Wireless Headphones, I was literally on cloud nine!! *weeee~*
Photo credits to NylonSg.

According to Jabra's website, these headphones deliver crisp digital sound to bring out the truth depth and clarity of the music we love, and are ultra-lightweight with adjustable headband designed for a more comfortable fit and maximum durability. But what's even better is the wireless bluetooth technology incorporated to give us maximum ease to control music and even calls directly from the headphones! Sounds amazing right?? 

To make it easier for anyone out there who's thinking of purchasing headphones, here's an unboxing video filmed by Gogi Rana to give you an overview of the Jabra Move Wireless!
I was contemplating between black or blue, and decided to go for the black one instead!

I'm planning to use this headphones for my future song covers!! Lol excited much hehe. Follow NylonSg on their Facebook for interesting updates on food, fashion, contests and much much more! Once again, thank you Nylon & Jabra!! <3

With love,

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