Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Quarter of a Century Old - Part 1 ♡

As you can see from the title, I officially turned 25 last Friday! I don't know what to exactly feel knowing that I am slightly older *lol* but I do know that I'm showered with lots of love, which is more than enough for me :))
This year's birthday is slightly special because I get to have dinner with my whole family, that means including my dad :) Well, I shan't put up the details here but all I can say is it's been a really long time since my family ate together. Even though so much had happened over the past few years, it kind of reaches a point where we gradually learnt to forgive, forget and move on with life. 

We had dinner at Dian Xiao Er @ VivoCity and ordered the Family Set for 4 pax ($88++) which was sufficient for the 5 of us! Food was great, so be prepared to droool hehe :p
Soup of the day (oops I can't remember hehe)
Duck Roasted with Angelica Herbs (my FAV)
Baby Kai-Lan with Salted Fish & Lime
Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish Slices
We replaced the Dong Po Pork with some prawns instead! (I forgot the exact name though~)
Braised Assorted Mushrooms with Broccoli
My brother who recently did very well for his O lvls!! Yayyy good job!! ^^
Look who came to join! The one & only Joy :D
Always sensitive to her touch hahaha!
Thank you for the lovely surprisesss!! 
My first ever rainbow rose; SO PRETTY I CAN'T EVEN.
Thank you for making me feel so beautiful <3
Sing song time! Hahaha I love this shot so much!!
I wish.....
May my wish come true hehe.
The Joy of my life :)
Picture perfect <3
Another thing I learnt to do different this year was instead of receiving birthday angbao from my mum, I'm now the one giving her a red packet to 表示孝道 :) Thank you Master Fu Yun for sharing this with me! It really makes a whole lot of difference, because not only will this gesture brings good karma, but also serves as a reminder for us to not forget the hardship our parents faced when raising us up. No more angbao from mummy anymore... 我真的长大了 hahaha.

After we got home, I had a photoshoot for my rainbow rose lol! By the way, 5 days have passed and I'm proud to announce that my rose is still going strong!! Good job babyyy!

But I have to admit, the winner shot goes to..
...this!! OMG so pretty right?! 
Credits to Joy for this super chiooo shot!!

So that's about it for Part 1 of my birthday, mainly with my family & Joy on the actual day! :D My closest friends did celebrate with me on separate occasions and honestly, all of them deserve a dedicated post which will be up throughout the week!! I pretty much visited like 4 cafes over a span of 1 week plus? Lol that's the number of new posts you can look forward to! Till later~ :)

With love,

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