Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Quarter of a Century Old - Part 3 ♡

I'm back with the second last post of my birthday celebration! If you've read my previous two birthday posts "A Quarter of a Century Old - Part 1" and "A Quarter of a Century Old - Part 2", you'd know it all surrounds food, food and more food lol! Well, today's post is no exception as we are bringing in the legendary lobsters from Pince and Pints!!! Everyone has been raving about the lobsters but I just didn't had the chance to try it yet. So big big thanks to my dear friends who fulfilled my wish and satisfied my cravings! 

With only 3 lobster dishes on the menu to choose from (each priced at $48++), we decided to order one each just so that our tummy have enough space for Round 2 at Pasta Brava! If you're thinking of how many lobsters to order upon your visit, ideally 1 lobster dish is good enough for 1 pax! But of course, feel free to order as many as you wish! ;) 
Friends since 2004 <3
The 2 S - Sharon, Shirley (me)
The 3 Ks - Keng Kang, Kelvin, Kianwee :D
Whole Lobster
(Choice of Grilled or Steamed - 
Mesclun Salad, Sour Cherry & Balsamic Dressing, Shoestring Fries, Herbed Butter Sauce)
The Lobster Roll
(Mesclun Salad, Sour Cherry & Balsamic Dressing, Shoestring Fries)
Chilli Lobster
(Fried Mantou, Homemade Fresh Tomato & Chilli Sauce)

Honestly, I can't remember when was the last time I had lobsters but all I can say is that Pince and Pints definitely set a pretty high standard for all lobster lovers out there! If I had to choose, my top favourites would be the Whole Lobster and Lobster Roll!! Omg seriouslyyy, it's kinda hard to get over those sweet, succulent chunks of lobster goodness~ *droooools*

Afterwards, we headed to Pasta Brava for second round but first, I have a confession to make :x I didn't note down those fancy names of the food we ordered because it's just too... fancy LOL. Okayy no la I really forget hehe~ But you can show the staff the pictures I took if you want to order any of it! Hmm I would say that the ambience is good (esp for dating) hahaha, the food was okay but not that fantastic till the extent that I would rave about it. 
Once we were all done with second round, our last stop was a pub at BQ to chill, sing karaoke and play some games~ 
It was a (pre-planned) jumpsuit affair that night :p
Bought this super comfy jumpsuit during my previous Taiwan trip! 
She's just too cool for school ;)
This clique is really special and unique on its own. We may not catch up very often but whenever we do, the familiarity and love we have for each other is just, too precious. Thank you loves for everything that night! <3

With love,


  1. looks yummy! been seeing countless pince and pints on my ig....

    1. Haha yess me too! Although abit pricey but in my opinion it's good! Can perhaps visit with your friends next time and take it as a treat for yourselves :)