Monday, 2 March 2015

Dream Staycation @ W Hotel

Holidays... Staycations... Pretty words that immediately put a smile on your face, get you excited and aim to work even harder for that very day where you'll be instagraming your boarding pass or taking an airport #ootd while waiting for your flight's departure haha :D Doesn't that sound soo pleasing to the ears?? Let's all now take a moment and dream a little~~ ;) On a side note, I'm currently planning for my Europe trip that's happening next month which I'm so so excited about!! 
Back to this post, I was actually browsing through my photo albums and knew that I had to share one of the best staycation I had with my family at W Hotel @ Sentosa Cove during June last year! One of my life goals is to strike a certain work-life balance. I mean it's important to know when to reward yourself for your hard work so hopefully this post will get you pumped up for your next staycation or holiday! ;)

Ps: The reason why this post is soo overdue is also because my blog still wasn't up that time~ But well, some memories are just unforgettable and this staycation is definitely one of them! Enjoy ;)
I'd never imagined being able to wake up to such incredible view~ 
Are you already excited?? Let's go!
I can literally lie on this bed all day all night~ It's just soo comfortable!!
Natural sunlight doing its glowy magic on us ^^
Mirror mirror on the toilet wall.
My beautiful mummy <3
Just had to take advantage of the sunlight; perfect for selfies haha!
Went for a swim with the sun setting behind us. #bliss
Cotton candy skies <3
I actually risked using my phone to take this shot while standing in the middle of the pool. #effortmuchlol
Lil brother!

Although it was only a 2d1n stay, I was really happy to see my mum enjoying herself so much! Truth be told, she hasn't taken a plane before (unknown fears) and doesn't plan to as well in the future. Seeing her not being able to experience the beauty outside of Singapore, my brother and I thought it'd be a great idea to have a staycation instead of an overseas holiday~ Well, it was all worth it :) Thank you W Hotel for the wonderful experience! Now that's also a gentle reminder to myself to work harder for 2015 and start planning for the next holiday with my family! What about you? :)

With love,

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