Wednesday, 4 March 2015

See you soon, EUROPE! :D

Hellooo! So if you're friends with me on Facebook or Instagram, you'd notice certain mentions of Europe... and that's because it's happening really soon during end of April next month!! OMG :D I've been doing soo much research for the past few days mainly for accommodation and transportation first. Itinerary will be secondary as it will be the most time consuming but most fun part too! 

Let me share with you the origins of the tickets first. Few months back, there was a international competition held by Lufthansa Airlines in conjunction with the launch of their Premium Economy Seats. Everyone can take part and all they need to do is to post a photo on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook and share what #premiumtime means to them and 3 winners will win a pair of flight tickets each, where they can travel to any country of their choice! So my brother took part in it and is extremely fortunate to be one of the 3 winners!! HOW AMAZING RIGHT?! And I'm so happy that I'd be tagging along for this upcoming trip! :D

I plan to *fingers cross* keep up with the updates of my entire Europe trip where I'd be covering Paris, Switzerland, Vienna, Prague and Frankfurt! I have included a TAG at the right section of this blog (picture as seen below) that will include all sorts of information, from my planning stages to the actual day-to-day activities which will definitely have lots of amazing pictures for your pleasure too! 
This is how the tag looks like which you can always refer to as and when you like, as well as stay up to date with me on my trip! :) That's about it for now! Happy midweek <3

With love,

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