Sunday, 26 October 2014

A "fall" to remember :/

October is coming to an end and it has been a pretty busy month (in terms of work) for me! So far, the work environment has been good and there's definitely much more to learn and adapt along the way~ Unfortunately, I had a bad fall last Tuesday on the way to work, which also happens to be the day that I'm having my very first big client meeting. Sigh, I totally saw that fall as a test to see how strong my mentality is especially on such an important day.. And of course, I picked myself up and went to the meeting with a bleeding knee...
I'm someone who has very low tolerance of pain.. So yup, it was very hard for me to control my tears at the clinic :( For now, my knee is healing and getting much better~ But I would have to warn anyone who's going to put dressing on their injury because seriously, it was extremely hard for me to remove the dressing!! I can't remember when was the last time I cried so so badly for close to 2 hours just to undress it because no matter how much I wet them, the pus was just completely stuck to the gauze and cotton wools underneath... I know the dressing is to prevent bacteria from entering or whatsoever but the pain was just kinda unbearable :'( 

*scroll away if you need to*
Times like this really reminded me not to take normality for granted. Our everyday activities like eating, drinking, walking, showering may seem so normal because it is indeed... normal. But actually, we may not realize these wonderful things that we are able to do everyday until something happens. Through this fall, I really understood how precious it is to be able to walk normally without limping or anything. Really got to take better care of myself from now on!
Well, I'm not gonna end this post with that gory photo so here's one of my ootd for work!
I have plans to do ceramic braces sooon, like hopefully next month! So if there's any good dental clinic with reasonably good prices as well, please be nice to share the info with me! I would appreciate it a lot, and thank you in advance! :)

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