Wednesday, 13 May 2015

PARIS (Day 5/5) - MORE Cafehopping, Pierre Herme, Sacre Couer ♡

PARIS Day 5 (last day)
For our last day in Paris, our only goal is to satisfy our tummy with as much good food as possible! From my research, they say this store sells the best Fallafel! If you don't know, Fallafel is a traditional Middle Eastern food, where deep-fried balls made from ground chickpeas and fava beans are wrapped & served usually in a pita, almost like a wrapped sandwich but a really HUGE one!
Address: 34 Rue des Rosiers, 75004
Nearest metro: Saint-Paul (Closed on Saturdays)

We ordered the Special Fallafel which you should definitely give it a try because it's really very nice!!

The fallafel balls are topped with turkish salads, eggplants and houmous sauce. Trust me, the portion is soo huge that it's really filling enough as one meal! 
Super satisfied with brunch! :D
We then made our way to Pierre Herme since it's sort of nearby~ If you've read my Day 2 blogpost, you'd know how much I love the macarons from Laduree! So it's definitely a must for me to also try out the best macarons from Pierre Herme!
Top (left to right): Olive & Mandarin  ||  Passionfruit & Chocolate
Bottom (left to right): Caramel  ||  Rose
My favourite is the unique flavour combination of Olive & Mandarin, a proven crowd pleaser! But the rest are all very nice too :D

Subsequently, we strolled and made our way to Berko known for their cheesecakes and cupcakes!
The interior is very pretty and if you see clearly, they separate the cafe layout with super cute signages indicating "Cheesecake Street" & "Cupcake Street"!
Tried out the salted caramel cheesecake which is very nice and rich in its flavours! It may look slightly small in this picture but it's actually a really huge piece! You definitely need to share it if you just treat it as a dessert after a meal. But if your stomach is empty, I've read that it might just be filling enough to even replace an entire meal haha! It all depends on your stomach alright!
Visited the Sacre Couer and the view of Paris up there is indeed gorgeous!
Le Mur Des Je T'Aime
This is the "I Love You" Wall featuring over 250 languages, located on the square at Place de Abbessess in Montmartre.

The last stop of the day was to visit the famous parisian chocolatier Gregory Renard Cacao Et Macarons!
Address: 120 rue St. Dominique 75007 (Closed on Sun & Mon)
Nearest metro: Ecole Militaire

The window display is just TOO PRETTY!!!
Yes I know, macarons again~ hahaha :p

Their macarons are priced at 1.20euros a piece, very cheap BUT quite small too haha! Nonetheless, they tastes really good and I'm glad that I get to try them out before leaving Paris!

I think from this post, you can see that I absolutely have a very sweet tooth and also a soft spot for macarons hahaha. I know it's not very healthy but what can I say~~ I'm on a vacation righttt hehe. Well, that's one attempt to make myself feel better & better I shall feel~ lol! Ok lah. I definitely cut down on all these sweet stuffs after I'm back in Singapore. For now, let me just indulge myself in all these sweetness :)

Last but not least, THANK YOU PARIS! You've been nothing short of amazing :)

Next post will be on SWITZERLAND! Till later! x

With love,

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