Monday, 13 April 2015


Hihi! Hope everyone had a great weekend~ Today is 13 April, which means in 10 days' time I'd be at the airport waiting to board my flight to Europe!! OMG I've been talking about it for months and can't believe it's really happening soon!! :D Recently, I was very busy planning for an upcoming business idea that will be launched in June! I'm very excited and extremely thankful for the support and help given by my close friends! I've also come to realize that having a great idea is one thing; having the network and support to build on that idea is another! That's why I'm really so grateful and looking forward to have a great launch! *fingers crossed* I'll definitely share more about it in another post before the launch so to those who are currently reading this, it'd be great to have your support too! Stay tuned!! Hint: I'm very sure it's something you'll want or simply don't mind having! My only aim is to make your wish come true ;)

By the way, I woke up in a shock that I'm.. yes, pregnant. I remembered that I was at NgeeAnn (I've no idea for what) but my "baby" is probably 5-6 months old already.. But the problem is, I DON'T KNOW WHO THE FATHER IS!! OMG wth right hahaha! I woke up and faster text Shux about this. It really felt damn scary please :/ But to my surprise, she gave me the most pleasant reply "Dreaming about pregnancy = new beginnings I think"~ Awww! She told me to google about it and so I did...

What do dreams about being pregnant mean?
"At its core, this dream is about creativity," Mead says. "Women literally create new life out of their bodies. If you dream of being pregnant, you are likely craving time to be creative, or 'dreaming up' a new and exciting creative project that will come into existence down the line. This could be as small as a home-based renovation project or a large-scale artistic work."

What can I learn about myself from dreaming about being pregnant?
"Pregnancy dreams are often multi-layered and speak about something inside -- represented by the fetus -- that has not yet been acknowledged or presented to the world," Mead says. "I find that people who have disowned goals and desires often dream of pregnancies. For example, someone who might have wanted to act, but chose the safe path of being a lawyer, may be plagued with pregnancy dreams until he or she takes steps to at least connect with that earlier passion." (More on the article here)

After reading the article, what's most surprising is the fact that it's VERY applicable and true for my current situation right now! True or not, we'd never know but I certainly choose to believe it! Luckily Shux told me this, if not it's really quite scary to dream that I'm pregnant hahaha. Okay I need to get back to my itinerary planning! Till later ;)

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