Monday, 27 April 2015

Onboard The NEW Lufthansa Premium Economy Class

Hellooooo!! So... ARE YOU READY?? Because I'm gonna take you (yes, YOU!) along with me for this 1 month trip to Europe!! I was very excited even before reaching Frankfurt because it's my first time onboard Lufthansa's new Premium Economy Class! It's a new travel experience between Business Class & Economy Class on long-haul flights where you can expect to enjoy more personal space, more service and more extras!
Picture Perfect!
My babyboy~~~
Thank you love for coming!!
(1) 2x23kg Free Baggage
In Premium Economy Class, you can check in a second baggage at no extra cost! I totally needed that since I'm away for a month so it's really great news!
Oh yesss~ :D
Soo excited!
(2) Welcome Drink
Shortly after settling down, we were each served a cup of orange juice~ Talking about the little things that count! :)
To our shared experience. To a great trip! Cheers~
(3) New Seats
Our seats were so much wider and we were able to comfortably lean back with a greater distance from the passengers to the front, which certainly made our sleep so much better :)
(4) Travel Accessories
Travel accessories pack were provided including a moist towel, socks, sleep mask (which really helped me in my sleep), earplugs and toothbrush!
(5) All About Food
The menu is definitely one of the many things that I was looking forward to lol!
My eyes literally lit up when I saw Smoked Salmon!! *droools*
Are you ready for dinner?
Honestly, the food was really good, especially...
...THIS BOWL OF GOODNESS! Super yummy~~
Second cheers to an amazing trip!
Nothing beats having a good breakfast which was served an hour plus before alighting! :)
Hello Frankfurt!!
Thank you Lufthansa for making my 13-hours flight so comfortable! There are many other amenities offered under the Premium Economy Class such as USB ports and personal power outlets that charge really fast, more storage space, footrest etc where you can check out here

Anyways, time really flies and it's already my Day 4 here at Paris! There are so many amazing photos that I can't wait to share so I figured out that it'd be more ideal to do a day-to-day post because I also don't want to flood one post with never-ending photos! I will make time to blog so do check back often for new posts ok! I'm going to start preparing for the picnic later... right infront of the Eiffel Tower! OMG I can't wait to watch it sparkle at the hour! It's gonna be soo beautiful~ 

With love,

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  1. the food looks good too! usually, flight food, even if they taste decent, hardly looks presentable to me....