Sunday, 1 November 2015

Review: LANEIGE LIP SLEEPING MASK - My Overnight Lip Care for Soft & Moist Lips!

Helloo! Okay, so just to share a little background about my lippie - I have pretty dry and chapped lips which causes me to rely heavily on lip balm everyday from day till night. My worst experience time to time is when it starts to bleed upon cracking :( I'm currently using The Body Shop Born Lippy - Satsuma Shimmer (which smells so good!) and Burt's Bees Lip Balm. These 2 lip balms are moisturizing & good, but they just don't solve my chapped lips problem.

So I did some research and after reading so many good reviews about the highly raved Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, I patiently waited for a "time sale" on Qoo10 and finally bought it! All I can say is...

I finally found my lip saviour! *YAY*
The box that came with it.
It's a matt-coated glass bottle, quite small but very pretty! 
Even though it's a small bottle, the amount of product inside looks like it might be able to last me for quite long haha. Well, we shall see~ Anyways, I'm really loving the light fruity berry fragrance!
It comes with a little spatula in an enveloped casing.
I initially thought it might be a little troublesome to use the spatula because I've to clean/wash off the excess after every usage. But now, I'd say this spatula really makes the application so much easier and more importantly...
It doesn't "mess up" the rest of the product in the bottle itself, as compared to when we use our finger which will leave those ugly fingerprints! So the picture above is how the remaining product looks like after one application! You can see that it still looks quite "clean and nice" yea~ hahaha.

TIP (to clean the spatula): Usually 1 piece of tissue has 2-3 plies, right? You just need 1 PLY of tissue to clean off the excess! (It's gonna be a huge wastage if you use 1 full piece of tissue paper because you really don't need such a big piece to clean off that little excess!) Let's help save the earth too! ;)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here's a more detailed information about this lip sleeping mask that I found from Laneige's website! I didn't see these before purchasing but I have to agree with this sentence, "When your lip balm is just not enough" -- So trueee, at least for me!
Personally, I'd say this lip sleeping mask did live up to its hype! My lips definitely feel much softer, smoother and more moisturized than usual. It also kinda feels like a "luxury" product for my lippie (must be because of that fanciful name given haha)! Overall, it works for me and has already become a part of my daily night-time routine!

Anyways, I'm not too sure about in-store pricing but on Luxola, it is retailing for SGD$27. I got mine for only $17 ($14.99 + $1.90 shipping fee) from this Qoo10 store (they have over a thousand reviews which means they can be trusted)! You can check back to see if they got any time sale or not haha. I think it is cheaper to get it online than in-store. But of course, online has its risks so purchase at your own risk yes! :)

With love,

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