Tuesday, 24 November 2015

My New Haircut @ NEXT Hair Salon!

Hellooo! So this post came a little late but I finally got my haircut after a year!! Oh my goodness lol. Initially I thought it was only like maybe 6 months ago or what; turns out it was exactly 1 year agoo~ #unbelievable

Thank you May for thinking of me and recommended me as the haircut model for one of the hairdressers at NEXT Hair Salon @ ION Orchard! Mnson was the one who did my haircut and although it's sort of a "practice cut" for her, I really think she did a great job!! Absolutely loving my new hurrr~ :D
Here's a picture to show how long my hair was~
...and how my new hair looks like now! Weee~ :D
So incredibly happy and satisfied!
My hair now has more volume and I'm totally loving how lightweight it feels!

NEXT Hair Salon @ ION Orchard, #03-19

With love,

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