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Having trouble removing your mascara?? NOT ANYMORE! **Taiwan 1028 Visual Therapy -- Miracle Extension Waterproof Mascara**

Hellooo! Ok so we all know how mascara kinda complete one's eye makeup, and I'm sure there are many brands out there that can help you achieve that falsies effect with beautiful long lashes~ But today, I'd like to touch on the 2 things that can make or break one's mascara experience... 


Application is pretty straightforward, you can easily do a YouTube search and there will be tons of makeup tutorials guiding you how to apply mascara. So today's post will not focus that much on the application but more on the most dreaded part (at least for me) -- THE REMOVAL 

I used to own a few "highly raved" mascaras from Maybelline but it really sucks when the mascaras ended up being so hard to remove! I even went to buy a pure eye makeup removal solution but it still didn't work out for me... Since then, I stopped putting on mascara for fear that my real lashes will fall out together with the mascara coats during the process of removing them! (FYI, I haven't worn mascara for YEARS, so you can imagine how serious I am about that statement lol)

After sooo many years, I can finally say that I found *THE ONE* that is not only waterproof but REALLY EASY TO REMOVE SIMPLY WITH WARM WATER!! Of course, initially I had my doubts whether it really works or not but turns out... it truly works! So check out the pictures below as I test out how AMAZING this mascara is! :D #notsponsoredyeah
* Taiwan 1028 Visual Therapy Miracle Extension Waterproof Mascara Duo Set *
Photo credits to 1028 Singapore
Photo credits to 1028 Singapore
Step 1: Apply 1 coat of Miracle Mascara
Step 2: Apply 1 coat of Miracle Fibre Extender 
Step 3: Apply 1 more coat of Miracle Mascara to "lock the fibre" (important step)

This shot was taken after having the mascara on for about 8-9 hours! It's really waterproof, doesn't smudge, and I was able to achieve thicker & fuller looking lashes (as seen on the first picture of this post too)! If you want an even longer lashes, just repeat step 2 and 3 until you're happy! ;)

Now onto the most important part - The Removal Test!!
I soaked the cotton pad with warm water and leave it on my eye for about 10-20 seconds.
This was what came off after my first wipe! Then I used the other half of the cotton pad that's clean and did a second wipe!
Just 2 wipes with warm water and the mascara is gone! So amazing, right?? :D Then I proceeded to do my usual makeup removal routine to clean off the eyeshadow and everything else that's on my face.
Before and after shot!
What I love most is how gentle and fast the removing process is as compared to my past experiences with other brands!
This mascara is also highly raved in Taiwan's beauty variety shows!

I bought this mascara set for around $24 or $26 from Watsons when it was on sale ;) The usual price is about $35 if I'm not wrong. But anyways, 1028 Singapore is also on Qoo10 if you prefer to purchase it online! I hope you enjoy this review! :)

Here's the Qoo10 link for you!

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