Sunday, 9 November 2014

Happy Marriage, Love!

Hello! Haven't been able to update this space and realized one week of November just flew past like that. A few unfortunate things happened in the span of this one week, and I'm still trying to figure a way out of this mess.. Will probably blog about it in another post.. or maybe not.. well let's just move on to happier things!

Last Sunday was my dear Shuxian's big wedding day! It was my first time being a bridesmaid, so apart from erm.. *coughs* (well, just some amazing things that happened which I shan't elaborate much.. lol), it was really a beautiful day which I really put my heart and soul with all the other jiemeis to make sure everything goes well!

Too busy that this is the only selfie shot I got with Mel early morning lol. 
Had a quick photoshoot/interview session before the guys' arrival~
Ready to rock and roll!
The man of the day.
And finally~~~
Aww the look in their eyes... TOO SWEET. 
My traveling partner for the day haha. On the way to Seb's place~
Sooo pretty!!! 
Evening's wedding dinner at Peony Jade Restaurant @ Keppel Club
Oriental themed wedding;
And we all finally reunited with Dickson hahaha~
Full #ootd shot with Aud!
No idea why we 叉腰 hahaha :p
Can't wait for your turn soon love! 
First march in~
Was too busy checking the AV matters almost after every dish~ so apparently this is the only food photo I took for the night lol. Anyways, the scallops were super juicy!!!

It was definitely an unforgettable night; a night that I will ALWAYS remember... (ps: alot of puns intended LOL) Watching my first friend getting married is also a gentle reminder for many of us that we are already moving into the next phase of life. It's a good 8 years and counting knowing these girls since Poly... all the memories and effort that we've put in together all these years just to keep the friendship going is just so amazing. I actually can't wait to see the rest of the couples get married (you know who you are!) :D As for me, I believe time will take me to the right person one day so we shall see~~ :)

With ♡,

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