Monday, 4 August 2014

Cafe-hop: Jones The Grocer

Jones The Grocer @ Dempsey Hill

Well, I believe a lot of you guys have already been to JTG itself, but I got myself a delightful treat as I stumbled across the biggest macarons that I've ever seen (at least for now) which was the best surprise I could get as I had a major craving for macarons that day hahaha! Yes, I loveee macarons and if you're a lover of those sweet meringue-based cookies, then I recommend you to try out the ones at JTG! Shall let the pictures do the talking ;)

How can you resist from entering when you see this pretty section at the entrance? (but they are kinda pricey though.. lol)

I went on a Sunday and it's actually quite a nice place to chill out with your friends or even bring along your iPad/laptop to do your work!

Tempura Barramundi with Jones Chips, Asian Tatare & Lemon

Finally, the lovely macarons! They come in boxes like this at the refrigerator where you can pick it up yourself :)

In order: Rose & Lychee  Champagne & Apricot  Citrus & Rosemary  Pistachio ❥ Salted Caramel 

You probably can't see how "big" it really is from the picture but trust me, they are definitely bigger than the ones you usually see outside ;) And the best thing is, it's only $12.80 per box ($2.56/pc to be exact lol) which is around the same price as other bakeries out there but even more worth it! ;)

There's just this relaxing vibe about this place that I really love and definitely the place to be for your Sundays! Shall end this post here, and go back to my editing as I've another song cover up by this week.. maybe Wed/Thurs? It's 爱你 by Kimberly Chen! Stay tuned!

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