Friday, 26 February 2016

Quick February Updates!

Hellooo~ Realized that my last post was in 29 January... which means I haven't been blogging for a month! My February was crazy busy and there were some things that I didn't wanna mention until it's settled... So finally, now is the time! 

Apart from getting busy with CNY, I was actually studying to get my financial planner license~ Took M5 exam in Dec last year, M9 in January, and forced myself to conquer M9A & HI in February! These 4 exams literally killeddd me :O No joke leh, it's really tough you know! Plus some textbooks are freaking thick (ie. 300 pages thick) but I'm just SO HAPPY that I passed all 4 papers!! :D

New year, new directions. And yays, I can finally get back to blogging and making YouTube videos! 

Oh and one more thing, I'm on SNAPCHAT! Add me @ shiiirleygoh! :D

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